About STX

SHUNGTINGXING TECH SEALS is a private home based working place of mechanical seals whom was founded in 1998.

SHUNGTINGXING TECH SEALS specialized in design and production and sales of mechanical seals for pumps, compressors, reactors, mixers, etc. Design and quality along with competitive prices are the essential marks of the company production over last 12 years.

SHUNGTINGXING TECH SEALS sells the following brands mechanical seals to meet customers' special need in China local market.

SHUNGTINGXING TECH SEALS engineer & serve you mechanical seals with professional care.

By going through on our website, you may get what you are looking for. If you may not, please contact us, due to our massive mechanical seals we can not display all our products online.

To design mechanicals seals on your demand, it is always welcome.

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